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Welcome to the world of Land Based Shark fishing!! 

Have you ever wanted to catch a shark but just didn’t know how or thought they just weren’t in your area?  Well, the Louisiana coast is full of sharks of all sizes and kinds!! Here at it is our goal to share with you the proper technique and share enough knowledge that you can go to the beach and feel the excitment of catching sharks!!! Our main focus will be for starter sharks in the 4 to 6 foot range.  First you should read the Shark Fishing Hand Book at the top of the page to get the most informative knowledge in the world on land based shark fishing.  The information in the hand book will work on any beach in the world that you decide to fish!! It will answer all your questions on tackle needed to put sharks on the beach!!  Just apply to your local area and enjoy the success!! 

I will begin by giving you a short bio on myself.  I began land based shark fishing in 1989 and have been addicted ever since I heard my first reel screaming!! I have fished from the Atlantic Coast of Florida through the Gulf Coast of Texas and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences along the way!!  I am a member of, which this site is directly connected too. is the greatest collection of shark fisherman in the world!!  It is an awesome thing to be apart of. 

I have been seriously shark fishing the Louisiana Coast for the last 4 years.  Between my crew and myself we have landed and released over 300 sharks. Now most of these are in the 3 to 5 foot range but many are considerably bigger!  

Louisiana is known for its unbelievable saltwater fishing. The redfishing and trout fishing are second to none. Therefore it only makes sense that the shark fishing is awesome too!!! Now the Louisiana coast line is not as friendly to the non boater as some other states. We do not have the expansive miles of beaches that some states do but where there is a will there is a way!  Put your mind to it and believe and you will be sucessful!  Now lets discuss some of the areas that are fishable and  have been excellent producers for me!

1) Lake Pontchatrain—Yes that is right!  This brackish water lake is full of sharks! The lake has many places to fish from shore and is fairly accessable.  The dominating species is young bull sharks in the 3 to 5 foot range and at certain times of the year blacktips and sandbars will be in the lake in large numbers.  The best times of the year are from June to September with the larger mature sharks coming into the lake when it is at its hottest and the salinity levels are at their highest.

2) Grand Isle—Grand Isle is a shore fishermans paradise.  This seven mile long island is completely surround by fish infested waters. This is an unbelivable shark fishery.  With Passes at both ends of the island, a accessable beach, a defined sandbar that drops off into deep water, and hordes of bait that can be easily caught.  This is a shark fishermans paradise!!  We have caught sharks here year round.  Every kind of shark that swims along the coastline of the gulf will eventually visit the island.  Bull sharks are our most frequent catch here–some are very large!! The average shark here is 4 to 6ft.  Blacktips make a run through in June and again in October.  In fact the Mid September to mid October shark bite on the island is one of the great shark runs along the entire Gulf Coast.  We have had several days where we beached in access of 7 sharks!  Hammer Heads, Lemons, and Tigers have all been known to visit the island!!

3)Holly Beach Area—This area is mostly unexplored when it comes to serious shark fishing.   This area has the only beach in Louisiana that you can still drive on that I am aware of!  At certain times of the year the schools of mullet are so thick it would seem you could walk across them! Where there is prey there will be predators!  This beach seems to favor the bull shark but I have the feeling that when the water is at its hottest the occasional Lemon Shark will cruise the area!

Some other areas to consider within reasonable driving distance would be the Florida Panhandle and the Texas Coast.  Both of these areas offer expansive beaches with excellent opportunities to land sharks of all sizes!

Best of luck in your adventures,




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