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Louisiana Shark Fishing November Report

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Our trip started on Friday Oct 31 2008. I left my house around 12:30 and picked Travis up from school about 2:30, went to his place and packed up his things, and hit the road around 3:30. We had a long drive that evening. We got caught in some serious traffic and lost a couple of hours. We finally reached our fishing destination around 10:30pm!! Well we were excited to be there and went straight to the beach to set up camp. First thing we noticed—The WIND blowing out of the East hard and Cold!! Second thing we noticed—The HUGE waves!!! Third thing we noticed—the beach was half the size it use to be!! Guess the last hurricane really took a toll on this section of beach. We decided to do some recon of the beach and drove around for about an hour looking for a fishable spot. We finally find and area we felt half way comfortable to put casted baits out. We sit on the casted baits for several hours with no bites. The cold and fatigue set in and we call it a night, reel in the untouched baits and head for the truck. We drive back to a parking area along the beach and pull over and get some much needed rest. We awaken at dawn shivering in the truck to a 40degree morning. Neither of us was motivated to get out of the truck until we noticed the calm surf and how luck would have us placed in a spot that was only 20 yards from the water!!! The conditions had changed for the better. We put two casted rods out and began preparing the yak rods. By 9:00am we had 4 yaked baits, 2 casted baits and two bait rods in the water. It was still cold but warming up fast. I left Travis in charge of the reels and headed to the store for some hot breakfast and 2 big cups of Hot Chocolate!!! After enjoying the morning meal and talking with a nice retired couple for a while we began respooling the Penn 80 and 12/0 with new line in preparation to run with a large bait–if we could get lucky enough to catch one. Around 12:30 it had warmed up greatly and we were feeling good about the weather but were starting to second guess our fishing location. We had not turned a click–heck we couldn’t even give a shrimp away on the bait rods. Just as we were discussing the “dead sea” a large school of fish erupts on the sandbar! Travis takes off in the yak to go beyond the breakers to catch what ever it is. He gets hooked up several times but never lands the fish. After a solid hour he comes back frustrated and explains the type of fish and their behavior. Bonito!! So off I go for my turn. FINALLY when i was about to give up I hook one and have a blast getting pulled around by the fish. When I finally get the 3lb bonito in the boat I paddle as fast as I can to beach!! Now we are rejuvinated and excited. We grab the penn 80 and get the bonito about 250 yards out! We hope this changes our luck! Then we put the penn 12/0 about 500yards out with a nice stingray. We settle back down in the beach chairs and talk about the last couple of hours. Travis saw a HUGE turtle and schools of bonito, I saw big school of cownose rays and schools of bonito. We were feeling sure the bite would start. Towards the end of this conversation the Penn 80 takes a couple of clicks and slacks up. I jump up– fish on. It was an interesting battle with all the lines in the water but we landed a nice blacktip and now we felt we had made the right decision. We rebaited the Penn 80 and dropped it back out about 250yds then rebaited the Penn 50 and dropped it out about 125yds. After this I went to change into some warm dry clothes as the sun was dropping and the evening was getting cool. While I was changing clothes I hear some kid yelling Dad! Dad!!! DAD!!!!! I thought thats not Travis thats the other kids on the beach. I took my time. When I come out of the bathroom I see Travis with the 12/0 FISH ON!!  I was so happy for him. He told me how it was a very slow click, click, click then while he was putting on the belt it was just steady ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The battle ensued and after about 20 or so minutes Travis lands his first shark on the 12/0 and his biggest bull shark yet!! It was so fat and healthy it put up a great fight and swam away fine. We were so pumped now we didn’t even feel the cold!! Travis rebaited the 12/0 and set it back out about 500 yds. The next several hours is to hard to put into words. It was unbelievable. Hit after Hit. Good Hard FIGHTS! On short dropped baits. Finally the cold, fatigue, the growing surf(which threw me for one good toss and possibly caused a broken foot!! I will know after todays doctor visit), and lack of bait made us slow down. It was decided to leave the 12/0 and the penn 80 out. We took the rods and set them up in the back of the truck . Got in the truck, turned the heater on and ate the best sandwhich I think I ever had  After our bellies were full we settled in for some much needed rest. Well, that didn’t last all that long because close to midnight the Penn 80 goes of. It Travis turn and before I knew it he is in the harness and fighting his first shark on the Penn 80. This was a nice battle and again Travis largest bull shark yet!! It measured close to the same as the others but was obviously the thickest of all the sharks we caught that night. The rest of the night was very quiet with no more action. At daylight we reeled in the 12/0 with the bait being untouched.

It has been many years since I have seen this many good sharks in one night. We payed our dues fishing in the cold and wind for nearly 16hours before getting the first bite but the next 6hours were unbelievable!!! We will always remember this special night!!

A beautiful sunrise

20 yards to the surf

5ft 6in Black Tip landed Nov 1 at 4:55pm

Travis in Battle with 12/0

6ft 1in Bull Shark landed Nov 1 at 6:13pm

6ft 0in Bull Shark landed Nov 1 at 6:58pm

Travis in Battle with Penn 50

6ft 2in Bull Shark landed Nov 1 at 9:28pm

6ft 3in Bull Shark landed Nov 2 at 12:10am

Great Saltwater Fishing at Sabine Lake

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008


Last week my brother and I had a good outing fishing Sabine Lake. I needed another fishing fix, so I headed back his way for some more action. Luckily the weather held up even though it was quite windy.

We launched near Bridge City a little after sunup. Armed with only artificial lures, we searched for the birds. A few flocks were found hovering and dipping, so we eased up and started chunking silver spoons and trout rigs. It wasn’t long before a few nice specks were boxed. We worked the birds near the northern part of the lake for an hour or two. The wind was really blowing and making it difficult to stay near the schools of bait. We decided to hit the shoreline for some protected water from the wind and maybe find a red or two.

It wasn’t like last week for sure. We had to really work to have more or less the same results. We managed several nice reds, but they were weren’t easy to set the hook. My old back is aching from the rough water as I write, but I can’t complain. It was once again great to be back out on the water with my brother. We were worn out by 1pm and headed home for the cleaning chores.

We managed quite a few very nice sand trout that aren’t pictured. A lot of times we just catch and release hem, but my brother has been feeding quite a few of the electrical workers that are here from all over the country while repairs from Hurricane Ike has been going on. They reallly enjoy the fish suppers that he has been providing. That’s the kind of brother I’ve got. He’s very unselfish and always giving his time for others.

Well that’s it from here in Orange. I’ll be heading back home in the morning and having to hit the refinery Friday evening. But it’s been a good vacation and I’m already looking forward to the next one… month.

Louisiana Shark Fishing at High Island Texas

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

LaSharkhunter, LaSharkHunterJr, and myself decided to head out on Sat in search of Bull Sharks. Plan A was to try to snag some of the big bull sharks that have been spotted in Trinity Bay. After some preliminary recon, we decided to try a private pier in Beach City, TX (name withheld to protect the innocent). The LA boys got their first and did a quick kayak trip out to check conditions. Unfortunately, the pier we selected had water that was too shallow, so we aborted Plan A and went to Plan B, High Island. (Not giving up on Trinity yet, just need to find a better spot).Anway, we head down to High Island and set up camp to the left side of the highway as you enter High Island (about 2 miles left of Rocky’s pier roughly). As you can see from the picture, the beach at high island is pretty rocky compared to Surfside and Galveston. It made sinking the rod holders a challenge. But the water conditions were pretty good, flat waves and we could see the green water a ways out. High Island seems to be a little muddier that Galveston and SS, so the water was a light chocolate. Perfect Bull Sharking water!

We set up 6 rods all with various types of Rays (southern, CowNose, Batray). After a couple hours, LaSharkhunters rod bends and the first battle is on. Troy’s rod was a pretty stiff, but the shark was still giving a spirited fight. After about 15 minutes (give or take), Troy lands his first Texas shark! A nice healthly, spirited 4 1/2 footer. A few pictures of the fight, capture, and Jr with the release.

About an hour later, Troy notices two rods apparently going off. Seems like there is a shark on one of them, but we’re not sure. So Troy grabs his rod and pulls a few times and we realize its Travis rod. So Travis takes over and starts fighting what appears to be a pretty good size shark, but after about 5 minutes, its spits the bait. At least it was exciting.

Things went a little quiet for the rest of the afternoon. Towards sunset, we checked and re-baited all the lines and got ready for a nice relaxing night. The mosquitos thought otherwise. If you haven’t been to this part of High Island, there is a huge marsh behind the beach and with the light winds, the Off-resistant mosquitos where out in full force, after slapping at them for a while, we retreated to the Trucks. We also had a few thunderstorms drop a few drizzles, but nothing serious. Travis (Jr) donned his long pants and long shirts (two) and braved the mosquitos watching the reels late into the night. At about 2:30 AM, the same reel with the same bait that Troy caught the first shark, goes off. Travis grabs the rod and the fight ensues. After a 15-20 minute battle, another healthy, and ticked off 5′ 1″ bull shark is dragged to the beach. A few pictures of the encounter.

The rest of the night is uneventful. We awoke to really awesome conditions, but we all had to get back early so we starting packing up around 8 AM. I pulled in my 6/0 that had been soaking all night with a tasty chunk of Southern Ray and it apparently went untouched… puzzling. Anway, it was great fishing with the LaSharkhunters and it was fun being the cameraman for the their first Texas sharks. Looking forward to next time.

La Team Back in Action

Monday, November 3rd, 2008


Hey everybody.  We finally made out for a much needed trip.  We headed back down to our favorite home waters—Grand Isle, La.  The weather was not perfect.  A cold front came thru on Friday night.  The wind blew and things were quite chilly but the October sharks were still there.  The story is in the video.  Hope you enjoy!!

 YouTube Preview Image


Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Trop Coppel and son had a banner tip to Florida this July. Here are some of the pictures from their catches. They fished the Florida Panhandle.

First Night there. Not the best pic but we do have full video of this catch. 6ft plus bull on 25lb line

Travis 6ft even black tip caught on a catfish

Bull 6ft 6in

More Black Tips

Atlantic Sharpnose

Navarre beach black tip

Just a cool shot


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Welcome to the world of Land Based Shark fishing!! 

Have you ever wanted to catch a shark but just didn’t know how or thought they just weren’t in your area?  Well, the Louisiana coast is full of sharks of all sizes and kinds!! Here at it is our goal to share with you the proper technique and share enough knowledge that you can go to the beach and feel the excitment of catching sharks!!! Our main focus will be for starter sharks in the 4 to 6 foot range.  First you should read the Shark Fishing Hand Book at the top of the page to get the most informative knowledge in the world on land based shark fishing.  The information in the hand book will work on any beach in the world that you decide to fish!! It will answer all your questions on tackle needed to put sharks on the beach!!  Just apply to your local area and enjoy the success!! 

I will begin by giving you a short bio on myself.  I began land based shark fishing in 1989 and have been addicted ever since I heard my first reel screaming!! I have fished from the Atlantic Coast of Florida through the Gulf Coast of Texas and have enjoyed some wonderful experiences along the way!!  I am a member of, which this site is directly connected too. is the greatest collection of shark fisherman in the world!!  It is an awesome thing to be apart of. 

I have been seriously shark fishing the Louisiana Coast for the last 4 years.  Between my crew and myself we have landed and released over 300 sharks. Now most of these are in the 3 to 5 foot range but many are considerably bigger!  

Louisiana is known for its unbelievable saltwater fishing. The redfishing and trout fishing are second to none. Therefore it only makes sense that the shark fishing is awesome too!!! Now the Louisiana coast line is not as friendly to the non boater as some other states. We do not have the expansive miles of beaches that some states do but where there is a will there is a way!  Put your mind to it and believe and you will be sucessful!  Now lets discuss some of the areas that are fishable and  have been excellent producers for me!

1) Lake Pontchatrain—Yes that is right!  This brackish water lake is full of sharks! The lake has many places to fish from shore and is fairly accessable.  The dominating species is young bull sharks in the 3 to 5 foot range and at certain times of the year blacktips and sandbars will be in the lake in large numbers.  The best times of the year are from June to September with the larger mature sharks coming into the lake when it is at its hottest and the salinity levels are at their highest.

2) Grand Isle—Grand Isle is a shore fishermans paradise.  This seven mile long island is completely surround by fish infested waters. This is an unbelivable shark fishery.  With Passes at both ends of the island, a accessable beach, a defined sandbar that drops off into deep water, and hordes of bait that can be easily caught.  This is a shark fishermans paradise!!  We have caught sharks here year round.  Every kind of shark that swims along the coastline of the gulf will eventually visit the island.  Bull sharks are our most frequent catch here–some are very large!! The average shark here is 4 to 6ft.  Blacktips make a run through in June and again in October.  In fact the Mid September to mid October shark bite on the island is one of the great shark runs along the entire Gulf Coast.  We have had several days where we beached in access of 7 sharks!  Hammer Heads, Lemons, and Tigers have all been known to visit the island!!

3)Holly Beach Area—This area is mostly unexplored when it comes to serious shark fishing.   This area has the only beach in Louisiana that you can still drive on that I am aware of!  At certain times of the year the schools of mullet are so thick it would seem you could walk across them! Where there is prey there will be predators!  This beach seems to favor the bull shark but I have the feeling that when the water is at its hottest the occasional Lemon Shark will cruise the area!

Some other areas to consider within reasonable driving distance would be the Florida Panhandle and the Texas Coast.  Both of these areas offer expansive beaches with excellent opportunities to land sharks of all sizes!

Best of luck in your adventures,