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Great Saltwater Fishing at Sabine Lake


Last week my brother and I had a good outing fishing Sabine Lake. I needed another fishing fix, so I headed back his way for some more action. Luckily the weather held up even though it was quite windy.

We launched near Bridge City a little after sunup. Armed with only artificial lures, we searched for the birds. A few flocks were found hovering and dipping, so we eased up and started chunking silver spoons and trout rigs. It wasn’t long before a few nice specks were boxed. We worked the birds near the northern part of the lake for an hour or two. The wind was really blowing and making it difficult to stay near the schools of bait. We decided to hit the shoreline for some protected water from the wind and maybe find a red or two.

It wasn’t like last week for sure. We had to really work to have more or less the same results. We managed several nice reds, but they were weren’t easy to set the hook. My old back is aching from the rough water as I write, but I can’t complain. It was once again great to be back out on the water with my brother. We were worn out by 1pm and headed home for the cleaning chores.

We managed quite a few very nice sand trout that aren’t pictured. A lot of times we just catch and release hem, but my brother has been feeding quite a few of the electrical workers that are here from all over the country while repairs from Hurricane Ike has been going on. They reallly enjoy the fish suppers that he has been providing. That’s the kind of brother I’ve got. He’s very unselfish and always giving his time for others.

Well that’s it from here in Orange. I’ll be heading back home in the morning and having to hit the refinery Friday evening. But it’s been a good vacation and I’m already looking forward to the next one… month.

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